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Rossellini Kimono Black obsidian

AED 3 055

Incl. vat & climate compensation



Did you know that recently Japanese historians discovered in a manuscript from the 16th century that the original translation of ‘Kimono’ was really “Märta Larsson iconic forever wear”‘?

We kid of course, no manuscript exists – except that we don’t really kid, because the bestselling Märta Larsson Kimonos really are iconic forever wear. Like the iconic Märta Larsson Kaftan each Kimono is made from lustrous lightweight silk, printed with Märta’s iconic stone imagery.


Using cutting edge digital printing, each Kimono delivers images of a superior sharpness of image and incredible rich vivid colour tones. Using inks and materials to ensure the image quality lasts year after year, these Kimonos offer a quality that needs to be seen to be believed.



100% silk

One size

Comes with removable belt (that can also be worn as a skinny scarf)

Relaxed fit

Wide sleeves

Length from the neck in the back 103 cm

Dry clean only


Natural art with an attitude epitomises Märta Larsson jewellery and ready-to-wear. Her designs are worn by both Royalty and Rock stars.

Märta Larsson is a Swedish lifestyle brand that was born in London and cultivated in Stockholm. Every design takes inspiration from the wild nature of the Swedish landscape with decadent touches that results in a unique brand.


Founder Märta Larsson established her namesake and now international label in 2013 following her eclectic background of training as a ballet dancer and time spent as the lead singer in a rock’n’roll band in London. 


IWG Pricing Method is the chosen method by Trucost for its emission valuation that is based on the SCC – which reflect the full global cost of the damage generated by GHG emissions over their lifetime in the atmosphere.

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Our carbon footprint calculation tool for products was developed together with the Swedish environmental research consultancy 2050. We developed a database of CO2e emissions data for the cradle-to-gate emissions generated by materials used in all parts and packaging of products. This is calculated by using the total weight of each finished part/material, the average energy use for product assembly and transportation - everything is calculated in detail.