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Light My Fire

Mega Pack Spork Original Bio 11-Pack

AED 149

Incl. vat & climate compensation



The only “on-the-go-cutlery” you’ll ever need - goodbye disposables!


Light My Fires Spork original collection.

The spoon, fork, and knife in one combination, perfect for the kitchen at home or on the road. Our unique, fun, and versatile utensil is the everyday meal companion. Brighten your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this colourful set great to bring along or have at home.


• Lightweight

• Dishwasher safe

• BPA free

• Made in Sweden

• Made from biobased plastics Spork (single): 170x38x10 mm


Set includes colors sandygreen, hazyblue, dustypink, mustyyellow, rustyorange, rockyred, slatyblack, mistypurple, deeply blue, shadygreen, passion beige


At the heart of Light my fire has one purpose; to create products that reconnect us with nature, wherever we are. We combine design and functionality with the joy of adventure and new experiences. From lunch breaks in local parks to meals whilst hiking in vast forests. From family grills in city gardens to cooking on the peaks of mountain ranges, our dream remains the same: To enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, to think of generations to come, to encourage the exploration of forgotten skills, and to rediscover, the art of fire.



IWG Pricing Method is the chosen method by Trucost for its emission valuation that is based on the SCC – which reflect the full global cost of the damage generated by GHG emissions over their lifetime in the atmosphere.

Once your order is completed you will be given the option to choose between a variaty of projects that compensates for your purschase. Simply choose the project that you wish TransparAll to give back to!


Our carbon footprint calculation tool for products was developed together with the Swedish environmental research consultancy 2050. We developed a database of CO2e emissions data for the cradle-to-gate emissions generated by materials used in all parts and packaging of products. This is calculated by using the total weight of each finished part/material, the average energy use for product assembly and transportation - everything is calculated in detail.